If the answer is a resounding yes, read on to find out how Dalitso can simplify the process of providing deserving individuals in your organisation with bursaries that could change their course of their lives. We stand in the gap between a good education and a meaningful career that includes first option when it comes to the opportunity to grow within an organisation.

Dalitso is fully equipped to support your bursary fund by administering and managing the process of distribution of these funds between bursars and educational institutions. All the while, supporting the bursars as well. We accomplish this by means of an integrated online solution that ensures effective implementation and maintenance of the bursary process. We make use of the latest available technology for our online platform to ensure top notch security when processing thousands of claims and payments as well as generating reports, all of which happen in minutes.

There are too many disadvantages to not making use of our online bursary management system, to not include it as part of your bursary process. These include:

  • Potential financial loss to your business due to employees who are not committed to their studies
  • No access to useful data regarding the skills gap within your business
  • Huge recruitment costs due to a lack of empowerment of the existing workforce
  • No student support, leading to excessive engagements with educational institutions, in turn leading to a loss of productive time
  • No centralised system on which to track academic progress and make use of essential discounts provided by learning institutions
  • Not benefitting from the return on investment of the Bursary Fund that comes with an up-skilled workforce.
  • No risk mitigation in the event of a student resigning from your business or simply failing to continue their studies.

The services provided by Dalitso will turn the above-mentioned disadvantages into a thing of the past. We provide the following:

  • Recruitment and selection of beneficiaries
  • Excellent online record maintenance and management
  • Processing and disbursement of funds
  • User-friendly dashboards for real time information, as well as customised reporting
  • Tracking of educational investments and the beneficial impact it has on an organisation
  • Integration and business support
  • Annual SDP
  • Continuous liaison with educational institutions regarding discounts for bulk registrations
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Secure and transparent management of all bursary funds
  • Management of Internal as well as External Bursaries
  • Student support call centre

Contact us today and let us help you upskill your workforce by empowering them with the means to ongoing education, leading to greater opportunities in the future.

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