Advantage of Headhunting services.

If you’re a business owner, you most likely know the frustration of advertising a position in your company, only to have the most unsuitable candidates apply. Or even worse, hearing cricket sounds when you check whether any applications have come through.

Indeed, appointing the right candidate for an important position can be incredibly difficult not to mention time consuming. This is true even if you have a dedicated HR department, because HR comprises of so many aspects that there often isn’t enough time to focus on recruiting candidates.

There is a way to reach the perfect candidates, however, namely headhunting services.

Headhunting involves searching for and handpicking the best candidates for a particular position and reaching out to them personally to let them know that a great opportunity awaits them. These candidates most often are already employed, sometimes with the opposition, which makes them even more of a perfect fit because they are familiar with the industry they are being recruited for.

There are several benefits to hiring a headhunter to help you fill critical positions within your organisations:

  • Headhunters are up to date with everything that happens in the job market and are often specialised in one or more industries. This means that they are more equipped to find the best candidates and convince them to be recruited for a better opportunity.
  • Headhunters work with a large network of professionals and ensure that they meet new people on a regular basis. This helps them keep on top of potential candidates should specific vacancies arise.
  • Candidates who are not currently in the job market, are also contacted by headhunters who are skilled at persuading them to consider a new challenge.
  • Once a candidate has been persuaded, the headhunter will ensure that the offer presented to them is valuable enough to gain their commitment.
  • Headhunters also act as brand ambassadors for their clients, carrying their best interests at heart and presenting their brands in the best light. This is part of an overall targeted approach in reaching the best people for senior positions.

At Dalitso Holdings we too have the best interests of all our clients at heart, which is why we offer headhunting services to ensure that the best candidates fill critical positions. We know that the success of a business hinges on its employees and we are dedicated in helping you find the best people to help you build your dream.

Contact us today for more information on our headhunting services and more:

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