Avoid The Great Resignation In Your Business

It started in the US. After the stress of the Covid pandemic that ruled most of 2020, a
lot of workers simply had enough in 2021 and they quit. By November of that year,
the resignation rate in the country reached a 20-year-high. This equated to around
50 million Americans quitting in one year alone.
It wasn’t just the uncertainty surrounding the world economy at that point. Most of the
workers cited a lack of advancement in their career, low or stalled remuneration, a
toxic workplace and inflexibility when it came to working hours as a reason for their
decision to leave. Some took the opportunity of relying on Covid-19 stimulus
payments, left their jobs and took their time finding different opportunities.
The ‘Great Resignation’ has also spilled over to South Africa. By the end of 2021,
employee turnover had increased by 16% across all sectors. This is a frightening
statistic, considering that 35% of people in the country are still unemployed.
Research has found that people are leaving SA’s shores for opportunities abroad
where highly skilled workers are paid well and are always in demand. The growing
gig economy also plays a significant role in workers leaving their jobs behind in SA.
And then, of course, there is the ongoing problem of a toxic work environment, which
in this country, seems to be getting worse instead of better.
The good news, however, is that as a business owner you can help mitigate this
phenomenon in your organisation. While it is not always possible to keep people
from leaving, you can create a healthy work environment with the opportunity to gain
experience as well as an open-door policy to keep communication channels open.
This helps to prevent conflict from festering and workers from getting frustrated and
At Dalitso Holdings, we are well versed in the working world, and because we know
how much effort it takes to keep a business healthy and growing, we have developed
a world-class cloud-based HR system to help business owners maintain their
business’ momentum.
Employees thrive in an environment where the rules are clear and where everyone is
treated equally. Our HR system makes this possible, because we help draft
business-specific HR policies, employee HR manuals and employment contracts in
line with the South African labour law. A dedicated HR consultant is assigned to an
account, and this consultant is able to identify issues before they become a massive
problem. Furthermore, we are also able to assist when it comes to CCMA and
Bargaining Council representation.
For more information on how Dalitso Holdings can help you retain your employees
while you focus on growing your core business, contact us today:

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