Benefits of Skills Development In The Workplace.

It has long since been an established fact that happy employees are productive employees. A team that works well together, leads to ongoing success in an organisation which also benefits everyone involved.

But how exactly does an organisation keep their employees happy?

It all starts with talent and skills development. Giving an employee the opportunity to further their existing skills and learn new ones along the way, gives them the assurance their managers appreciate their efforts and are interested in their career development.

Furthermore, the process of upskilling employees creates the leaders of the future and ensures the longevity of a business. It also becomes easier to retain staff, because they are able to envision their personal future at the organisation.

Through a well-thought-out skills development plan, any weaknesses in the daily functioning of a business can be uncovered as well. Should there be a need for certain skills to be upgraded, this can be addressed sooner rather than later and reduce the chance for any losses to occur.

It has also been established that employees who are professionally stimulated with ongoing training programmes are more creative when it comes to brainstorming new ideas and products. Many exciting new ideas have been dreamed up as a direct result of skills development training.

This type of training can be performed during regular work hours with the owners or managers at the helm of the programme, or it can be undertaken via online mentoring or outsourced learning.

At Dalitso Holdings, we stand firmly behind those who want to upskill their employees. We know through years of experience that any business that engages in training programmes for their workforce gains a competitive advantage over their competitors while giving their employees the best chance at enhancing their professional talent and skills.

We can also assist your business in arranging your skills development plan to go hand in hand with your B-BBEE scorecard. We have the necessary knowledge on how many points need to be reached when it comes to learning programmes, bursaries, and training and development to address any areas that may be lacking.

Dalitso Holdings provides business-training solutions that are focused on transforming organisations while they empower their employees. We offer company assessments, one-on-one executive coaching and work with businesses of all sizes and varieties. All our of business skills courses’ content can be customised to meet the requirements of training in your specific organisation.

Get in touch with us today for more information and let us help you empower your workforce.

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