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Bursary Administration

We enjoy bridging the gap between a solid education and a meaningful career, as well as assisting deserving employees from various organisations in gaining the opportunity to advance within a firm.

We accomplish this by assisting an organisation’s bursary fund and administering and managing the process of transferring funds to educational institutions.

If you wish to contribute to your workers’ developmental requirements and future career advancement, Dalitso Holdings provides the ideal comprehensive online solution to ensure effective bursary implementation and management.

To ensure safe transactions, our online platform employs only the most recent and efficient contemporary technology. We can handle thousands of claims and payments every day and provide reports with the touch of a mouse.

Our entire system is designed to be transparent and secure, providing you with piece of mind while you change the lives of your employees.

Outsourcing your bursary administration function to Dalitso Holdings will help ensure that financial losses due to non-committed students are kept at a minimum. We will keep you updated every step of the way and will also provide student support. Furthermore, we liaise with educational institutions on behalf of students.

Additional benefits to our revolutionary bursary administration system include:

The sooner you can identify and address a skills gap, the better your company will be in the long run.

Saving you money on recruitment.

By having someone else communicate with educational institutions and sort out the red tape.

As well as tracking of educational investments and the significant influence they have on an organization.

There is also risk mitigation in the event of a student giving up their studies or resigning while still studying.

It goes without saying that bursaries are extremely important in South Africa. Thousands of employees are unable to further their education owing to budgetary restrictions.

The same is true for students who cannot afford tertiary education. Fortunately, many business owners take the initiative to set aside funds for bursaries and scholarships, allowing students to flourish in their education and thrive in their future.

If you have a bursary fund to distribute but aren’t sure where to begin, contact us right away.  We can empower tomorrow’s leaders now if we work together.

We'd love to join your bursary administration team to help students & employees better their lives.

Allow us to assist you in effecting change.

Not just in your organisation, but throughout the South African economy.