Does Your Business Have A Revolving Door?

Does it keep hitting your employees on the way out?

It is no secret that to keep a business on the fast track to success, you must employ skilled and capable employees who don’t shy away from getting the job done. However, it’s not enough just to keep employing. The most important part of employment is retainment.

And achieving that is not as easy as it sounds.

In modern working environments, employees are looking for stability, a boss that is easy to get along with and guaranteed career growth. While this is something that most business owners would love to offer their employees, the unstable economy and curveballs like the pandemic doesn’t help facilitate this at all.

This means that employers, while trying to grow their business and ensure a stable outlook for the future, must often take matters into their own hands when it comes to retaining staff. They must ensure that communication channels remain open, and that hard work is recognised and rewarded, and that the overall workplace culture is one that continuously motivated employees and roots out toxic behaviours.

All of that is a mouthful, and not an easily attainable feat, when employers are attempting to do it all on their own.

At Dalitso Holdings we are well versed in what it takes to keep a business not only afloat but insulated against unexpected obstacles while retaining valuable employees.

For this reason, we have streamlined our cloud-based outsourced HR system to ensure that business owners have more time to grow their brand, while we also ensure that employees have clear guidelines to refer to in the workplace. We provide a resolute HR consultant who is trained to identify and root out problems in the workplace before they become huge issues that can lead to an expensive dip in productivity. We also draft business-specific HR polices, employee HR manuals and employment contracts rooted in the South African labour law, to ensure equal and fair treatment, recognition, and promotion of employees.

With all the external factors at play in South Africa at the moment, including the high petrol price, electricity problems, food increases and the uncertainty that hangs over the economy, we have also ensured that the cost of our world-class HR system remains affordable for small and medium businesses. It is these same factors that lead employees to seek out stable employment, which is what we aim to help employers provide through our HR system.

If you’re struggling to create a healthy, open working environment and trying to shut the revolving door in your business, contact us today:

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