How Can Dalitso Holdings Help You With Bursary Administration.

Bursaries are ‘funding awards’ usually offered by businesses or educational institutions for the purpose of enabling students, who are unable to fund their own studies, to study further. In South Africa, bursaries are especially valuable because of the sheer number of students who are unable to take their studies further. This is why many organisations in the country take it upon themselves to set aside a certain sum for a bursary or scholarship, sometimes more than one, for students who meet certain criteria.

Because bursaries are centered around money, it is important to have competent people managing the process. Bursary administration and management bridges the gap between ‘getting an education’ and ‘entering the job market.’ Managing the bursary distribution process is about simplifying the complexities, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of the process, as well as managing costs around distributing bursary funding.

If you are interested in setting funds aside within your own organisation for bursary and scholarship purposes, don’t let the admin side of things discourage you. Instead, get in touch with Dalitso Holdings and leave the finer details to us. We have many years’ experience in bursary administration and management and are fully equipped with all the necessary staff and up-to-date software to assist you in administering, managing and distributing funds to students. Our online platform allows us to process thousands of claims and payments within minutes, as well as generate reports.

Signing up with Dalitso Holdings to outsource your bursary administration process, will help you avoid potential financial losses due to employees who are not committed to their studies. You will continuously be updated with useful data regarding skills gaps in your organisation. Furthermore, we provide student support and liaise with educational institutions on their behalf.

Along with the above we also offer, as part of bursary management, the following:

  • Researching, recruiting, and selecting qualifying students.
  • Online record maintenance
  • Up-to-date-information at any given time, produced by a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Ongoing tracking of educational investments and the outcomes thereof.

Dalitso Holdings offers secure and transparent distribution of all bursary funds, including both internal and external bursaries. We know how empowering bursaries can be, and we are proud to offer our bursary management services, knowing that we too can make a long-term difference when it comes to the economy and support students that are building towards a better future.

Contact us today and let us help you empower the brilliant minds of tomorrow, today.

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