Accredited Facilitator Course SAQA 117871



Duration: 3 Days


Facilitation is about working with people and assisting individuals with their interactions and discussion. Facilitation methodologies and tools are used by trainers to prepare for, facilitate and assess the learning experience. There are numerous ways facilitation can be improved and create an opportunity to stretch oneself. This course is an accredited course SAQA ID 117871 (Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies) and will provide recognition for those who facilitate or intend to facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define facilitation
  2. Understand how to plan and prepare for facilitation
  3. Consider different learning styles
  4. Design the facilitation process and experience
  5. Improving the training venue
  6. Facilitate learning in an improved way using various resources
  7. Understand various facilitation methodologies and assessment methods
  8. Evaluate learning and facilitation


Course Content

DAY  1

  1. Module 1: Plan and prepare for facilitation.
    • Analysis of learners and learning needs
    • Plans cater for the needs of learners and stakeholders,
    • Identify possible learning barriers.
    • Resources, locations, and personnel are arranged to suit intended delivery.
    • Learning material is prepared to suit the purpose of the facilitated activities and the agreed outcomes.
    • Facilitation methods selected are appropriate to the learners and agreed learning outcomes.
    • Preparation of the facilitation process ensures the facilitator is ready to implement the process.
    • The learning environment
  2. Module 2: Facilitate Learning
    • Learning is facilitated in a coherent manner using appropriate methodologies
    • The learning environment and facilitation approach
    • The facilitation approach and use of facilitated activities
    • Groups are managed in line with facilitation principles
    • Questioning techniques
    • Opportunities are created to monitor learner’s progress in terms of the agreed outcomes
  1. Module 3: Evaluate learning and facilitation.
    • Learner and stakeholder feedback on facilitated learning is sought and critically analyzed against review criteria.
    • The review reveals strengths and weaknesses of the planning, preparation and facilitation of learning.
    • Review includes useful recommendations for improvement in future interventions, including the possibility of remedial actions.
  1. Module 4: Presentation and feedback
    • Participants presentations
    • Facilitator feedback on presentations


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