End User Computing



Programme ID 61591, NQF Level 3, 130 Credits

About the Programme

End User Computing is an essential skill in any business today and is required for businesses to meet needs of a digital world. It is intended to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values required to operate confidently in the End User Computing environment in the South African community and to respond to the challenges of the economic environment.

Who Should enroll?

This programme is intended for learners already employed or new learners entering the workplace, requiring End User Computing skills.

End User Computing will provide you with the:

  1. knowledge, techniques & skills of End User Computing applications in the workplace.
  2. Understanding the impact and use Information Communication & Technology (ICT) in an organization and society.
  3. Improving communication by combining communication skills with End User Computing skills.
  4. Improving the application of mathematical literacy in the workplace, by better utilizing applicable End User Computing Applications.

Qualification Rules:

Rules regarding Fundamental, Core and Electives
1. All fundamental unit standards are compulsory for this qualification. (47 credits)
2. All core unit standards are compulsory. (56 credits)Rules regarding Electives
Elective unit standards totaling a minimum of 27 credits needs to be completed.

Programme Outline

Module 1. Introduction to Computers

Module 2. Microsoft Word

Module 3. Microsoft Excel

Module 4. Microsoft PowerPoint

Module 5. Microsoft Access

Module 6. Outlook and Internet

Module 7. Effective Writing

Module 8. Report writing

Module 9. Oral Communication

Module 10. Managing My Finances

Module 11. Practical Mathematics

Module 12. Statistics

Module 13. Understanding of HIV/AIDS in a workplace

Module 14. Managing Teams


  • 6-8 months


  • Traditional Classroom setup
  • Virtual

Course Prerequisites:

  • National Senior Certificate (Grade 12)
  • Recognition of Prior Learning option avalilable

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