New Venture Creation Qualification



Programme ID 66249, NQF Level 4, 149 Credits

About the  New Venture Creation Programme

The aim of the Qualification is to develop the appropriate skills and knowledge required by a person for the establishment and development of a small to medium business venture, and address the economic, administrative, and behavioral (psycho-social) barriers that contribute to success in starting and sustaining the venture.

Who Should enroll?

This programme provides aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with the essential skills needed to successfully research, launch and manage a new business venture.

New Venture Creation NQF 4 will provide you with the:

  1. Expertise to identify and create a new venture.
  2. Awareness of interpersonal skills required in a business environment.
  3. Understanding of basic economics within a market economy
  4. Skill to manage a new venture by applying business principles and techniques.
  5. Understanding the role of leadership and management

Qualification Rules:

  1. The Qualification consists of a Fundamental, a Core and an Elective Component.
  2. To be awarded the Qualification learners are required to obtain a minimum of 149 credits as detailed below.
    • Fundamental Component:
      The Fundamental Component consists of Unit Standards in:
      Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4 to the value of 16 credits.
    • Communication at NQF Level 4 in a First South African Language to the value of 20 credits.
      1. Communication in a Second South African Language at NQF Level 3 to the value of 20 credits.
      2. It is compulsory therefore for learners to do Communication in two different South African languages, one at NQF Level 4 and the other at NQF Level 3.
    • All Unit Standards in the Fundamental Component are compulsory.
    • Core Component:
      The Core Component consists of Unit Standards to the value of 82 credits all of which are compulsory.
    • Elective Component:
      The Elective Component consists of individual unit standards from which the learner must choose unit standards totaling a minimum of 11 credits.

Programme Outline

  • Module 1. Orientation to the New Venture Creation Programme
  • Module 2. Starting a New Business
  • Module 3. Planning for Business Success
  • Module 4. Marketing and Sales
  • Module 5. Fundamental Mathematics
  • Module 6. Managing Finances of a New Venture
  • Module 7. Managing Operations
  • Module 8. Managing Human Resources
  • Module 9. Communication in Business
  • Module 10. Writing and Presenting Your Business Plan


  • 6-8 months


  • Traditional Classroom setup
  • Virtual

Course Prerequisites:

  • National Senior Certificate (Grade 12)
  • Most of the learners attempting this qualification are likely to be unemployed persons who, via a learnership, have been identified and selected as having the potential to create a new business venture.

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