Smoking Policy



Scope/objective of the policy
  1. As an Employer, The Company has a duty under the Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act (Act no. 12 of 1999), to ensure that Employees, who do not want to be exposed to tobacco smoke in the workplace, are protected from tobacco smoke.
  2. The Company will provide a safe working environment and protect the health of all Employees from illness and injury, arising from smoking in the workplace. Consequently, in the interest of the health and safety of all Employees, The Company will ensure a smoke-free environment.
  3. In line with the above, the purpose of this policy is the following:
  4. To educate smokers about the harmful effects of smoking and to give advice, guidance and support if Employees decide to give up smoking.
  5. To change the working environment to minimize the harmful effects of passive smoking on non-smokers.
  6. To provide Employees with a healthy working environment as per the relevant Occupational Health and Safety Acts.

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