50081 Further Education and Training Certificate: Leadership Development NQF Level 4

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FETC: Leadership Development NQF 4, CREDITS 160. LG SETA

Dalitso offers the Leadership Development qualification at NQF level 4 which is aimed at councilors, leaders, and municipal managers in local government. The typical learner will be an employee in local government, wishing to gain the competence to fulfill the requirements of his/her current job obligations or a municipal employee or councilor wishing to gain a qualification to advance his/her career opportunities. In addition, persons seeking future employment in the local government sector may choose to complete this qualification.

Upon completion of this qualification qualifying learners will develop competencies to utilise leadership skills to enhance service delivery in a specific sector or context.


The Leadership Development NQF 4 entry requirements are

  • Communication, NQF level 3
  • Mathematical Literacy, NQF Level 3
  • Computer Literacy, NQF Level 3

After successful completion of the Leadership Development NQF 4 qualification, learners will be able to

  • Deal with issues and provide strategic leadership at various levels including community.
  • Build consensus amongst diverse groupings of people with various interests.
  • Apply innovative, creative, and flexible strategies and thinking when dealing with community issues and needs.
  • Build trust between the councillors, officials, community, and various competing interest groups while maintaining personal integrity.
  • Manage conflict.
  • Demonstrate the commitment and tenacity to achieve set objectives.
  • Communicate with conviction, confidence and integrity at all levels and constituencies.

R25 000

  • 12months
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