Technology Can Dramatically Improve Your Business Performance.

As a business owner, you want to see your organisation grow. This includes productivity, effectiveness and profitability. These measures of growth can however be greatly hampered by outdated or lack of modern technology.

Consider this: A graphic designer in 2020 might still be using the 2012 version of Photoshop. This directly impacts the graphic designer’s ability to incorporate new design styles to their client’s marketing campaigns, immediately making the brand look outdated. This, in turn, has a direct knock-on effect on sales for said client, as the marketing campaign is dull and forgettable.

Exactly the same counts for every business that relies on technology to get everyday tasks done. If you run a big corporate but are still relying on the pen and paper method in your HR department, chances are that if things haven’t already gone badly awry, they very soon will. Just imagine important paperwork going missing or using obsolete documents. Even if you do have some form of HR computer program to assist your HR department, but it happens to be a program from the year 2000, it will do your HR function more damage than good.

At Dalitso Holdings we keep the growth of our customers’ business front of mind at all times. To that end we have created our unique Virtual HR Service: Dalitso HR Rescue. Not only do we ensure that the most up-to-date technology and software is used for all your HR requirements, we streamline all your HR functions including leave claims, employee relations, administration, payroll, VAT, SARS and workman’s compensation claims.

And the benefits don’t stop there. By outsourcing your HR function to us, you are assured of superior knowledge on the ever-changing and evolving laws and regulations surrounding Human Resources. Furthermore, during this time of social distancing, Virtual HR makes even more sense as it eliminates unnecessary physical contact and ensures business continuity as the Covid-19 pandemic drags on.

Don’t let your business be ‘so 2000 and late’ when it comes to leveraging technology to its maximum advantage. Dalitso HR Rescue is the solution you’ve been searching for. Leave your HR functions to us and watch your business performance skyrocket.

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