The Importance Of Efficient Payroll Administration.

Gone are the days when business owners could simply pay their staff with cash at the end of each month. Of course, as the owner of a company, you could continue to do this but keeping track of your cashflow will become a very difficult task.

It is for this reason that payroll administration has been a very important part of running a business for many years.

Payroll administrators perform a million and one manual tasks over and above ensuring that salaries are captured correctly and paid on time. One mistake can lead to extreme frustration in the workplace as well as resentment.

At Dalitso Holdings, we know the value you as a business owner places on having a streamlined payroll function. We also understand that it isn’t always possible for small to medium businesses to employ a payroll administrator and an assistant to help them deal with the smaller payroll tasks.

This is why we have put together a payroll administration package that would simplify the process for you to outsource your payroll functionality.

Payroll mistakes are costly and can lead to further problems in the workplace.

Payroll administrators keep track of each employee’s salary, including increases and bonuses. By maintaining integrity during the payroll process, administrators are also upholding the reputation of the company. This includes adhering to all VAT, PAYE and UIF rules and regulations.

Many companies don’t have the means to employ a qualified payroll administrator, which is why Dalitso Holdings have put together an affordable package which enables business owners to outsource their payroll function to us

To ensure that all businesses in South Africa have access to efficient payroll administration services, we offer an outsourced service as a cost-effective solution whereby you as a business owner will not pay for payroll software license fees or even be required to pay for the cost of generating payslips.

We are also available to attend to any and all payroll queries as they arise.

Dalitso Holdings offers business owners a strong payroll-oriented service, accurate calculating of tax, UIF and SDL deductions as well as automatic calculation of payments for normal time, overtime and leave pay. Furthermore, we generate IRP5’s for tax-year-end purposes and allow employees to access their payslips and available leave days online.

Payroll processing is one of the costliest aspects of a business, because of the various manual and time-consuming tasks that go along with ensuring salaries are paid and taxes are correctly calculated. There are work hours to be calculated, as well as tax amounts to be recorded for year-end purposes and income tax filing. The worst thing that can happen during all these manual tasks is a mistake (or more than one mistake), which will lead to frustration and resentment in the workplace.

Avoid these issues in your business by outsourcing your payroll function to Dalitso Holdings. We offer a strong pay-roll oriented service at an affordable rate.

The payroll administration function within a business is critical as it ensures that employees are paid on time, whether weekly, biweekly, or monthly. And paying salaries merely scratches the surface of what payroll administrators are responsible for.

Some organisations are not in the position to afford a payroll administrator, which is why Dalitso Holdings offers an affordable outsourced payroll service for all companies in South Africa.

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