The Importance Of Labour Relations In South Africa

Labour relations in South Africa have always been a top point of discussion. The
Labour Relations Act regulates the rights of trade unions, facilitates collective
bargaining, and deals with strike action, mediation and more. Furthermore, it also
establishes the CCMA, Labour Court, and Labour Appeal Court as superior courts.
Before the advent of labour laws and the Labour Relations Act, businesses were run
mainly on the ethics of their owners. As could be expected, this led to severely unfair
treatment of workers, discrimination and ignored rights. Fortunately, labour laws now
regulate business practices to ensure that employees are treated appropriately and
that their rights are upheld.
These laws contribute to the success of businesses too because they create an
environment in which both employer and employee can thrive. And due to this,
employees stay longer, which improves overall employee retention. It is common
knowledge that employees feel far more valued when their rights are acknowledged
and their effort in the workplace is appreciated.
Within any business, the human resources department plays an integral role in
ensuring that the labour laws are adhered to. This is over and above dealing with the
breach of labour laws, educating employees on the policies of the business, and
ensuring proper training for new hires.
To ensure that labour laws are always in place, a business cannot do without an HR
department. And while this is the norm in the business sector today, smaller
organisations often cannot afford an entire HR department, especially the salary of
an HR manager.
For this reason, Dalitso Holdings have refined our outsourced HR offering. We
remain proactive in implementing best practice to keep workplace conflict at a
minimum and in doing so, also reduce the risk of dismissals. We have a firm grasp
on trade union collective bargaining and strike handling, which means we will help
keep potential disruptions in your business to a minimum as well.
Dalitso Holdings makes use of a vastly experienced background in HR and labour
relations to help build relationships between employer and employee. We do this by
determining existing conflict management styles and establishing a conflict
management strategy. To that end, we also remain abreast of all new developments
within the Labour Relations Act to keep all our clients in line with the law.
Let us help you streamline your HR function. By outsourcing to us, you will receive
comprehensive HR services including strategy, advice and more. We make use of
only the latest technology to ensure your HR function is always available.
Contact us today and gain peace of mind knowing that your business practices fall
within the law:

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