Using Technology To Keep Employees Engaged.

Long gone are the days that Artificial Intelligence was just part of a science fiction movie plot. We’re already at the stage where lifelike robots are creating their own valuable art, and cars drive themselves.

However, it’s safe to say that perhaps the biggest impact of AI can be seen in the office environment. Technology is driving everything from planning to workflow to data-driven advertising and has over the years changed the way business is done.

In the same way, AI is changing the way we look at human resources. Did you know that according to a report from 2019, 64% of employees stated that they would trust a robot’s advice over that of their direct (human) manager? In addition to this more than 50% of employees were using a form of AI to perform their tasks and that number is steadily growing in 2021. What’s more, AI will be even more instrumental in creating new jobs than it has already been in the past.

Many HR departments now make use of smart digital forms, and AI technology to analyse employee referrals which in turn lowers turnover. AI also keeps workers connected throughout all the different departments of a business. One very successful way of keeping workers in touch is a chatbot that “collects” concerns and requirements of employees and reports back to HR. In turn this provides early solutions to potential problems. This is often done in the form of an employee engagement survey, backed by AI technology.

AI is very useful in collecting this type of data and more, to ensure a highly functional HR department and business as a whole. Any human resources division functions well on high-quality data. This data, when processed by an AI system provides deliverables that negate the need to hire specialists to ‘mine’ the data.

At Dalitso Holdings, we move with the times, which is why we offer a fully cloud-based virtual HR solution called HR Rescue. This system uses only the most up-to-date technology and software and can assist your business with all its HR requirements including employee relations, various claims including leave and workman’s compensation as well as payroll, and general administration.

Outsourcing your HR function to us will ensure that your business is at all times up to date with the ever-evolving regulations surrounding human resources and in 2021 it makes a lot of sense to invest in HR Rescue as it further eliminates physical contact during Covid-19.

Be part of the trend and let AI be the future of your business by outsourcing your HR function to Dalitso Holdings.

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