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We understand how frustrating it may be for business owners to post job openings just to have the most inappropriate candidates, or none apply.

This is why we have honed our headhunting services to ensure that we always give the best candidate for our clients.

We also understand how busy an HR department can be, which is why we handle all aspects of headhunting, including the initial search, interviewing, and handpicking the finest applicants for advertised vacancies.

Let us manage your headhunting needs & improve your recruitment process.

We are also fully equipped to headhunt the best candidates and present them with the opportunity to join your organisation.

While we work hard on your behalf to establish a skilled workforce.

In order to offer them new and exciting challenges in line with your advertised vacancies.

Promoting your brand to potential applicants, particularly when it comes to hiring the right person for senior roles.

We will also match your business’ growth by scaling recruitment capacity to match and managing the ebbs and flow of demand.

We then use the insights gained to further streamline the process.

This allows us to keep a list of good potential candidates on hand for interviews when amazing opportunities arise within your organisation.

Dalitso Holdings maintains a continual recruiting drive and keeps you informed of all developments.

We always have our clients' best interest at heart & are always delighted when one of our recommended prospects contributes to an organisation's success.

We aspire to be a part of the continual development of an exceptional workforce inside South African enterprises, which will strengthen our economy.

We have adapted to the ‘new normal’ and embraced the new way of doing things in order to continue providing our clients with the quality headhunting services they have come to expect. This entails mastering the art of virtual hiring in order to assure the safety of all parties involved. Furthermore, we are ensuring that our technology is as up to date as possible in order to provide a flawless, professional experience.

When firms prefer internal recruiting, we also provide training and development. This service, too, is reasonably priced and an effective approach to upskill and retain valuable employees.

Don’t plod along, hoping that the right candidate will eventually cross your path.

Leave it to the experts and watch as your workforce grows stronger.