HIV and AIDS Policy



Scope /objective of the policy

The objective of the policy on HIV/AIDS is to set guidelines in order to ensure that:

1.1 People with HIV/Aids are not unfairly discriminated against;

1.2 HIV/Aids are effectively managed within the workplace by:

1.2.1 Creating a safe working environment for all Employees and Employers;

1.2.2 Developing procedures to manage occupational incidents and claims for compensation;

1.2.3 Introducing measures to prevent the spread of HIV;

1.2.4 Developing strategies to assess and reduce the impact of the pandemic upon the workplace;

1.2.5 Supporting those individuals who are infected or affected by HIV/Aids so that they may continue to work productively for as long as possible; and

1.2.6 Creating a non-discriminatory environment for those living with HIV/Aids in the workplace to allow them to be open about their HIV/Aids status without the fear of being rejected or unfairly discriminated against.

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